Customs Week and Homesickness

Hello everyone!

Customs week is hectic, even the second time around. I got back to Bryn Mawr about two weeks ago and since then I have been in training, attending meetings, and welcoming first-years. When I wasn’t doing that I was trying to sleep, eating, and decorating my room (which I still haven’t finished doing). I was honored to welcome the class of 2017, transfers, and McBrides. It was fun to watch as they chose their class song, parody, and songs mistress. It was weird though, remembering that only a year ago I was in the same position wondering what the year would bring me and being excited about all the traditions and the community the school had to offer. I also remember the excitement that the upperclassmen had about welcoming the “babies” and the excitement I now understand as a sophomore. It’s different not being the youngest class anymore; although I do recall chanting at the end of May Day with some of my friends, “we aren’t babies anymore.”

I also remember that is was around this time last year that I felt my first bout of homesickness. It wasn’t because I missed my mother or my little brother, it was because I was missing the biggest event that my family hosted each year. It was my first time missing this event since my birth and even now I’m struggling with coping with the fact that I’m not home. Every year we have a pre-labor day cookout (picnic) at my grandparents house. There is food, music, and good company. I’m usually stressed out though, because this takes a lot of planning and preparation but I always look forward to this time of year, especially since I’m old enough to invite people myself. Last year, I think I took it harder than I did this year; so to everyone (especially first-years) that is worried about being homesick, the feeling may not go away… but it does get a little easier. ┬áIt’s okay to be homesick, but don’t let that rule your life. The community at BMC will always support you and can become your home away from home.


3 thoughts on “Customs Week and Homesickness

  1. Khadiajah, you have no idea how nice it is to read this. I have had a very hard time being separated from my Mom for the first time. Ever since I got dropped off to school I have been crying in my room everyday with my mother sobbing on the other side of the phone. I have lived alone with her for the last five years and have been terrified to leave. Although things are getting better and I’m getting into a set schedule, I know your “pain”. I appreciate your honesty and openness. So happy to have you as a friend.

  2. Hi Khadiajah!

    My daughter is in her senior year of high school and Bryn Mawr is her 1st choice school. She has interviewed and will be visiting the campus soon. We live in Houston, TX and it is a 20-hour drive from Bryn Mawr. I have encouraged my daughter to form a new network of extended family. If she is accepted into Bryn Mawr, maybe you all can plan a pre-labor day picnic!

    Congrats & have a blessed year!

    1. Hello!

      First I would to thank you for reading my post and taking the time to comment! Secondly, there are quite a few students from Houston and the surrounding area, so your daughter would always have a support system of fellow Texans, as well as any of the students, faculty, and administration.

      Good luck to your daughter as she goes through her senior year! (Maybe I’ll see her when she comes to visit Bryn Mawr)


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