It’s Been a While

Hello everyone!

I feel like I haven’t been here in such a long time. I have been so busy between fall break and now – no one told me that sophomore year was going to be this difficult!

Fall Break: I wish fall break was still happening (lol). I went home to Cleveland for fall break and brought one of my friends along. We had a very hectic Greyhound trip, but the week home was definitely worth it. I ate food, slept, and watched TV for 9 days.

I have spent the last two weeks adjusting to being back in school. I started looking for summer internships back home. I also started really thinking about what I want to do with my life after college. I thought that I knew exactly what I wanted to do, but now I don’t know. I guess what I’ve learned so far this year is that it’s okay to be unsure of something. I’m having a hard time accepting that because I like to extreme plan; but I am slowly coming to terms with it.

I have a bunch of pictures that I want to share from the pop-up event, Halloween party, and more!


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