Sunday Homework Sessions

It’s Sunday. The day where you attempt to cram all of the homework you neglected to do over the weekend into one day.

Before brunch, I put on my high school tennis warm-ups (as I do every Sunday), went to brunch with my friends, and then up to Perry House (and now the library) to do homework. I spent about 30 minutes longer than I planned to at brunch and really wanted to take a nap before I got started but I knew that was impossible. I had 2 assignments due by 5 and a third assignment due by 8 so there was no way that I could take a nap as the clock approached 1. I also had a meeting at 5 and somehow had to fit dinner in, so I had no time to waste. When I finally crawled up the stairs to Perry I ended up turning on the TV and watching Family Feud (the episodes where Steve Harvey is the host) and getting sidetracked from my readings. By the time that I finished two of my assignments it was time for me to go to that 5 o’clock meeting. After I left there I had dinner with my friends and again stayed 30 minutes longer than I had planned. After dinner I finally made it to the library to complete my 3rd assignment.

I could have easily done a little bit of work on Friday, Saturday, and today… but that would require me to not procrastinate. I’m not sure if it’s just me but it seems like everyone has a Sunday homework session (probably for different reasons) that involves setting goals of getting x amount of work done, homework with friends in Lusty (or wherever someone chooses to do homework – I like the LLC on the 3rd floor of Canaday), tweeting/facebooking about how much work you have to do, shopping online, eating snacks, and trying to stay awake long enough to actually reach your homework goal. I think homework on a Sunday is just one part of the college experience.


I hope everyone has had as productive of a Sunday as I have 🙂

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