I’m Almost a Senior

Today the 2016 class presidents sent an email out with a poll about who should be our commencement speaker. Our commencement speaker. I am about to graduate from college in a little over a year. I often joke about how I’m ready to leave Bryn Mawr but the time is starting to escape me. There are so many people that I still have left to meet and so many more that I am not ready to say goodbye to.  I guess I still have a little over a year left to make the most out of my undergrad college experience.  So here is a short and incomplete list of things I want to do before I graduate…

1. Live in Perry House

2. Take a class at Penn or Swat

3. Write down all my suggestions for how Bryn Mawr can improve, then do it.

4. Choreograph a dance or two with Rhythm N’ Motion

5. Explore Philly

and finally….

6. Figure out what I’m going to do after college.


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