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Why I Chose Customs

Looking back at my first year experience, I can say that the customs program was one that separated my experience as a first year from my friend’s experience as a first year. Customs isn’t just an orientation week that happens at the beginning of the year, it is an ongoing, year-long program catering to and engaging new students. As a new student, it was comforting to know that someone was looking out for me and that there was a group of students who were experiencing Bryn Mawr for the first time, just like me.

Why did I choose Customs?

I chose customs because it mimicked the type of involvement and commitment I had at my high school. I was used to welcoming new students, introducing them to the high school atmosphere, and helping them get accustomed to life at my rigorous, often stressful, high school. I was always happy to be a point person for questions or helping out with White Coat Ceremony (a ceremony my high school has similar to Lantern Night). So, being a customsperson was a natural course of action for me.

Why did I choose Customs again?

Last school year I applied to be on the customs committee. I applied because I wanted to continue to improve and strengthen the customs program. One of my main goals as a member of the committee was to diversify the group of customs people so that incoming students could see themselves represented in campus leaders. A goal that the entire committee shared was sustaining and building upon the bi-co “customs cousins” relationship. As a member of the customs committee, I found that doing customs “from the other side” was challenging, but all the more rewarding especially as the then first year students accepted their roles as custompeople.

This academic year I applied for the position of Customs Committee Co-Head along with my good friend Xavia.  We are so excited to be working on this committee again alongside five other students and Dean Heyduk (another great reason to do customs as well as the glue that holds the program together). We are already off to a great start bringing in fresh perspectives and a refreshing lens to customs.  I look forward to the work that we can and will do.

Customs is definitely one piece of Bryn Mawr that I can’t let go of.