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Being a Sophomore

Majors, minors, and PE requirements – these are just a few things that daunt you in your sophomore year. I knew I wanted to major in psychology but I still wanted to explore other departments and classes. For some people this can change what they want to study and for others it can confirm what they want to study; I was apart of the latter group. I realized that I really do love psychology but I also love education and I want to work with children… so what now?

It seems like there are so many requirements that have to be filled and so little time to do it. Unlike high school, you get to structure how you fulfill those requirements. It’s taking me some time to adjust to the freedom I have in the liberal arts curriculum. A class that counts towards inquiry to the past (IP) doesn’t have to be in the history department and a physical education class (PE) can be anything from a dance class to yoga to personal finance.

Last week I built up the courage to ask one of my professors to be my major adviser. I had so much pent-up anxiety that I felt like I was asking someone to be my heller all over again.  It turned out fine and now I have a major adviser. Once I got over my anxieties I realized that I was making progress towards completing my college education. I’m taking more classes in my prospective major and I’m finding that I really enjoy it. I also started taking classes that relate to the areas I want to minor in, education and child and family studies.

I’m slowly crossing items off of my sophomore to-do list and it feels good.