10 Reasons Why I Could Use A Snow Day

I don’t just want a snow day… I need a snow day. I feel like I’m so behind on like everything. So here is a list of 10 things I could be doing today if classes were cancelled.

1. I could be sleeping.

2. I could be doing homework.

3. I could be reading customs applications.

4. I could be wasting the day away by watching reality TV on hulu.

5. I could be finishing off these schedules for Hell Week.

6. I could be watching Beyonce’s Stevie Wonder tribute (over and over and over again).

7.  I could be aimlessly scrolling through facebook, twitter, and instagram.

8. I could be resting. (Yes this is different than sleeping).

9. I could be coming up with a list of 10 more things I could do.

10. I could be starting back at #1.

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