What I’m Looking Forward To

So if you haven’t noticed already, I really like making lists (a lot). So here is a list of short term and long term events that I’m looking forward to.

1. Posse Plus Retreat – It’s this weekend and I cannot wait to get waist deep in discussions.

2. Spring Break – I’m going home as usual and I plan to eat food and watch TV all week.

3. Easter – I’m going back home for Easter. Every year my family gets matching outfits and this year we are adding Sunday hats to our ensemble.

4. Decision Day for Customs – Although this will be stressful I’m looking forward to start planning with a new cohort of customspeople.

5. May Day – No explanation needed. This is my favorite tradition.

6. Summer Vacation – I’ll be going home for the summer and hopefully doing an internship.

7. Senior Year – After summer break I will be a senior at BMC!!!!!!

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